Rasool Baksh is back in school, thanks to you!

  March 26, 2021   

Before the pandemic, Rasool Baksh living in Makli (Sindh) hardly ever missed a day at school. So when schools reopened and he didn’t return to his classroom, his school principal Ms. Shagufta figured something was amiss and instantly reached out to his parents.

Rasool’s father, who used to work as a domestic worker at a local school but had lost his job amid the lockdown, told Ms. Shagufta that he was still jobless. Rasool, on the other hand, has taken up work at an ice factory where he cleans and paints large ice containers from morning till evening. Since Rasool’s job was the only source of income for the family, they were reluctant to send him back to school, fearful that he scould lose his job.

Ms. Shagufta met with Rasool Baksh’s parents and spent a lot of time counselling them to let Rasool continue his education whilst working. She told them that Rasool only needed to attend school thrice a week according to TCF’s COVID-19 policy so this would help him manage his work alongside his studies. She reminded them that Rasool is a hardworking boy who has a bright future, and it is only by gaining an education that he can help his family escape poverty.

Rasool finally returned to school and caught up with his studies. On the days he attends school, Rasool directly goes to work after his classes. He dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up.

With your help this Ramzan, we are bringing vulnerable children like Rasool Baksh back into their classrooms so they do not lose out on the opportunity to build a better future for themselves. Please give your Zakat and Sadqah for education and save the dreams of our children!

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